Week 3: environmental justice

Date: 07/30/2018     Author: Justice For All


Justice For All

This post is part of 10 Weeks of Action: Demanding funding and protection for grassroots justice defenders by calling on our community to sign the #JusticeForAll petition. Each week, we will spotlight how access to justice is critical to the advancement of different thematic issues.

The theme for Week 3 is environmental justice. Learn more here.

In this post, please find social media images for this important moment.

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  • The upward trend is likely to continue if governments don’t act. Call on world leaders to protect & fund the grassroots justice defenders who stand up for the #environment and #humanrights. Sign & RT the petition – bit.ly/w3petition. #TiptheScales towards #JusticeForAll!
  • As demand for natural resources grows, so do the threats to the #environmentaldefenders who challenge the harmful practices of extractive industries. Sign the petition calling on govts protect & fund them – bit.ly/w3petition. #TipTheScales towards #JusticeForAll! #HRDs
  • Given the limited information available, the true total is likely far higher. This must stop! Sign the petition demanding governments protect & fund grassroots justice defenders – bit.ly/w3petition. Let’s #TipTheScales towards #JusticeForAll! #HRDs #SustDev



  • Last year 207 environmental justice defenders were murdered—up from 201 in 2016 and 185 in 2015. Call on governments to protect them & fund their critical work. Sign the petition—bit.ly/w3petition—and help #TipTheScales towards #JusticeForAll! #EnvironmentalDefenders #HRDs
  • No one should be at risk for protecting their communities from environmentally harmful—and often illegal!—practices. Call on world leaders to protect & fund grassroots justice defenders: bit.ly/w3petition. Let’s #TipTheScales towards #JusticeForAll! #EnvironmentDefenders



  • From #Brazil to #India, authorities are failing to protect environmental justice defenders. Call on world leaders to take action and protect and fund their important work. Sign the petition- bit.ly/w3petition. #TipTheScales → #JusticeForAll! #EnvironmentalDefenders
  • Harassment, violence, arrest, death…The risks environmental justice defenders face are varied & increasing. Think it’s time govts protect and fund them? Sign & RT the petition- bit.ly/w3petition. Let’s #TipTheScales towards #JusticeForAll! #environmentdefenders #HRDs



  • When authorities fail to protect environmental justice defenders they’re failing to protect us all. Demand world leaders to take action. Learn more + sign the petition at bit.ly/w3petition. Together we can #TipTheScales towards #JusticeForAll! #environmentaldefenders #HRDs




  • Those who work to protect the environment are not only #environmentalists, they are defenders of justice, the #RuleOfLaw and #humanrights. Call on governments to protect & fund these grassroots justice defenders: bit.ly/w3petition.  #TipTheScales towards #JusticeForAll!
  • Those who risk their lives to protect the #environment & rights of others should be seen as heroes. Yet too often authorities fail to protect them. Demand a change, sign the petition: bit.ly/w3petition. #TipTheScales towards #JusticeForAll!  #EnvironmentalDefenders #HRDs




  • Berta was 1 of 201 environmental justice defenders murdered in 2016. Join the call for world leaders to protect & fund their work- bit.ly/w3petition. Help #TipTheScales towards #JusticeForAll!  #EnvironmentalDefenders #BertaCaceres #WHRDs