Results of the COVID-19 Justice Challenge

Date: 06/29/2020     Author: Justice For All


Justice For All

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, grassroots justice defenders have had to quickly adjust their ways of working in order to continue supporting communities and clients. In many cases, they have also adapted the services they provide in order to address the injustices that the pandemic has created and unveiled.

To identify how best we can support these grassroots justice groups, the Justice For All campaign and the Legal Empowerment Network launched the COVID-19 Justice Challenge. We asked Network members about the challenges they were facing, how they were adapting, and what support they would need to more effectively serve their communities. Over 90 groups from more than 30 countries took part.

The publication of the results of COVID-19 Justice Challenge is a valuable tool for:

  1. advocating for greater resources and support for grassroots justice defenders, and
  2. learning how other organizations are adapting and gaining inspiration and ideas.