A Guide to Personal Security for Human Rights Defenders: Participants’ Edition

Date: 12/14/2017     Author: Bridges Across Borders Cambodia


Bridges Across Borders Cambodia

Across the world, human rights defenders routinely face intimidation, threats, false prosecution and deprivation of liberty, and, in some cases, violent attack or even murder. Powerful actors routinely use these strategies to break movements and spread fear amongst activists. The work of human rights defenders is vital, and it is because of this work that many of us enjoy the freedoms that we do today.

In many places, community activists and networks are on the frontline of the human rights struggle, and because of this, are frequently exposed to significant security risks. Sometimes these risks are unavoidable; other times they are the result of a lack of awareness or adequate planning. With this in mind, BABC has researched and developed this guide in collaboration with its partners and with prominent Cambodian community activists.

The guide covers basic practical tips for improving personal security, including how to identify risks, how to minimize them and how to react, in the event that a threat becomes real. This material is intended as a starting point, and this basic training course provides a foundation for more detailed and thorough security planning.

The guide uses interactive activities to help people understand the information, take part in discussions, and learn important skills, even if they cannot read or write. This way, everyone can participate in planning what they can do to defend their rights and the rights of fellow citizens.

You can access the accompanying Facilitators’ Edition here.