National Legal Aid and Defender Association

Because the quality of justice in America should not depend on how much money a person has, the National Legal Aid and Defender Association (NLADA) leads a broad network of advocates on the frontlines to advance justice and expand opportunity for all by promoting excellence in the delivery of legal services for people who cannot afford counsel.


As first responders on the ground when low-income and vulnerable individuals enter the justice system, our members have a deep bench with decades of experience as defenders, civil legal aid, and racial justice advocates. In addition to legal practitioners, NLADA is also comprised of the clients and families that this legal community serves. As members of our governance bodies and actively involved in our planning and activities, clients provide valuable insight into the types of legal empowerment activities that we seek to support across the country. NLADA empowers our clients by helping them understand their rights and roles in creating solutions to their legal problems.


NLADA’s deep bench is complemented by NLADA’s intentional cultivation of strategic partnerships. NLADA is working with other national and global organizations leading the effort to actualize the Conference of U.S. State Chief Justices resolution calling for “Justice for All”. We are excited to extend these partnerships to global partners working towards the same cause in their countries.


NLADA stands in support with the global legal empowerment movement and commits to work collaboratively to advance Justice for All. NLADA will encourage is members to take action under the Justice For All Campaign. We pledge to work with our diverse community to advance justice for all. We will raise awareness of the Justice For All issues through online and social media engagement. We will share our experiences and stories from the United States with our partners across the globe.