Recap of the July 2018 Campaign Coalition Call

Date: 07/10/2018     By: Joony Moon


On July 10th, 2018, the Justice For All campaign hosted its second monthly coalition call to connect with campaign members. Scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month, participants can use this call learn about what’s coming up at the global level, share updates on what’s happening at the national level, learn how to get more involved, and ask questions directly to the campaign team and other grassroots campaigners.

July 2018 Coalition Call Highlights:

Global Campaign Updates:

  • Ten Weeks of Action: This year marks the 10th anniversary of “Making the Law Work for Everyone,” the report that first quantified the legal empowerment gap of four billion people excluded from access to justice. The report was written by The Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor (CLEP), established by UNDP as the first global initiative to focus on the link between exclusion, poverty, and the law. To celebrate this landmark moment, the campaign will be launching a 10 Weeks of Action to 1) spotlight the work of our community over the last decade and 2) highlight the existing gaps around financing and protection for grassroots justice defenders. Below are some of the details:
    • The 10 Weeks of Action kicks off during Nelson Mandela’s Centenary Celebrations (July 18) and will culminate around the 10th anniversary of the CLEP (September 25).
    • Each week will spotlight a different theme which impacts access to justice, beginning with the economic case for investment in access to justice.
  • The campaign will be attending and engaging with partner organizations at the 5th Open Government Partnership (OGP) Global Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia, (July 17-19) and the High-level Political Forumat the United Nations in New York from (July 9-18). More details on our planned activities can be found below in the June 2018 Coalition Call Notes.
  • July 18, 2018 marks Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday celebration. The campaign has partnered with The Elders to pay special attention to the key issues of peace, health, equality, and justice. To help commemorate Mandela’s legacy, the campaign hosted a local #WalkTogether for #JusticeForAll in Washington, DC. Read about it here.

Highlights from Coalition Members:

  • Violence continues to be an issue, both for grassroots justice defenders as well as local government officials, according to coalition members from Nigeria and the Philippines. We were reminded of the vital importance of the need for increased protection on the ground.
  • In Nigeria, grassroots groups have begun focusing their efforts into a national level campaign.
  • The official recognition of paralegals has been a positive surprise in South Africa, demonstrating a political will to support access to justice for all. The next step is to develop stronger legal mechanisms to hold actors accountable in practice.
  • Encouraging progress in Tanzania, with efforts underway for a landmark government corruption caseand the growth of legal hubs around the country that have brought communities, government, and companies together.

Ways to Get Involved This Month:

  • Ten Signature Challenge: Help us reach a goal of 100,000 signatures by signing the Justice For All petition and encouraging ten more justice defenders to sign the petition!
  • Share content from the 10 Weeks of Action! If you are interested in contributing content (e.g. blog posts, articles, images), please contact us and we will be in touch.
  • Host a Walk Together for Justice For All in July. Instructions provided here.

We encourage all network members interested in connecting on the Justice For All campaign to join our next call. Hope to speak to many of you then!