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Help Canada Deliver on its Commitments to SDG Implementation

Date: 04/18/2018     By: Coco Lammers   |   Namati Staff


Justice For All is one of the bold commitments made by governments in the Sustainable Development Goals. On April 14, 2018, the Government of Canada came one step closer towards this commitment by announcing 5 bold steps its taking to implement the SDGs at the 2018 Action Committee Summit in Ottawa, Ontario. Canada has committed to do the following:

  1. Catalyze action on SDGs at the national level through outreach to Canadians, including Indigenous peoples, civil society, the private sector and other levels of government.
  2. Canada will partner to build public awareness and foster new partnerships to advance SDGs.
  3. Take steps to ensure federal departments and agencies integrate the SDGs into policies and programs and establish an SDG coordination team.
  4. Statistics Canada to work with the UN and partners on the global SDG indicator framework.
  5. Canada will submit its first Voluntary National Review (VNR) at 2018 High Level Political Forum this July, and has launched a web portal for citizens to get involved in the VNR process.

Additionally, Canada’s Budget 2018 includes a new $49.4 million over 13 years to establish an SDG team and fund Statistics Canada monitoring and reporting activities, and $59.8 million of existing funds allocated towards programming to support SDG implementation in Canada.

Funding and protecting grassroots approaches to access to justice will be vital in ensuring the success of these SDG implementation initiatives in Canada and beyond. Read more about Canada’s bold commitments here.

Take Action Today!

Here are 3 ways you can help Canada make good on its commitments to implement the SDGs right now:

#1. Thank and congratulate the Government of Canada for these commitments.

Copy and paste the tweet below and help spread the word through social media.

Congratulations @CanadaDev for announcing your bold commitments to #SDGs. We thank you for your support as we #TipTheScales towards #JusticeForAll.

#2. Tell Canada to do more for #JusticeForAll in SDG reporting.

Copy and paste the tweet below and help spread the word through social media.

@CanadaDev thank you for your bold commitments to the #SDGs. Help #TipTheScales towards  #JusticeForAll and report on #A2J and #SDG16 in your 2018 VNR report.

#3.  Are you Canadian? If so, get directly involved in the VNR process and share your story online.

Canadians have the opportunity tell the government of Canada to report on access to justice and SDG 16 in its 2018 VNR report through the VNR web portal. The deadline is May 4th, 2018.

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