WEBINAR: Justice For All: Justice and the OGP

Online 6 Jun 2018 community.namati.org

Justice For All

Access to justice and legal empowerment are important tools to advance transparency, accountability and citizen participation—essential goals of the Open Government Partnership (OGP). The OGP process, in turn, can help to strengthen access to justice by developing shared commitments to make justice institutions more open, accountable and responsive to all people.

A review of OGP national commitments shows that OGP National Action Plans (NAPs) are increasingly being used to advance judicial transparency, open justice data and combat violence against women. By 2017, more than 10% of all NAP commitments were related to justice, but there is still much more that can be done.

This year, 76 new OGP National Action Plans will be co-created by government and civil society. the biggest cohort of new APs since OGP was founded in 2011. The hundreds of new commitments will be a testimony of the strength of the open government movement across the world. The Justice For All campaign is supporting civil society to use these new OGP NAPs to increase financing and protections for justice defenders.

This webinar comes in advance of the OGP Summit taking place in July 17-19th, you can see more information and apply to attend [here]

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This webinar will be moderated by Coco Lammers, Campaigns and Advocacy Officer for the Global Legal Empowerment Network.


Joe Powell
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Open Government Partnership

Peter Chapman
Senior Policy Officer
Open Society Justice Initiative

Sandra Elena
OGP Point of Contact
Government of Argentina

Marlon Manuel
Senior Advisor
Global Legal Empowerment Network