Justice For All 'Missing poster' on red brick wall

Help Crack the Case!

The Task Force on Justice has reported that Justice For All is missing. According to their sources, 5.1 billion people around the world do not have meaningful access to justice. 

Justice For All is described as all people being able to understand, use, and shape the law to protect their basic rights and hold the powerful accountable. It is most often accompanied by people-centered approaches to justice. 

Recent sightings of Justice For All have been reported in declarations and convenings in The Hague, Rome, Ottawa, and Buenos Aires. Despite these and other promising leads, the case remains unsolved.

Experts have been compiling evidence and following leads, but Justice For All remains missing
(To explore an enlarged view of the case’s evidence board, click here.)

The Task Force on Justice is calling on the public, civil society, the private sector, governments, and justice partners to help crack this case. If you have any ideas on how to secure Justice For All in your country or on a global scale, please submit them to the tip line via the form below. (If you would like to share your ideas via video or any other creative means, email them to [email protected])

The Task Force is also asking everyone to help spread the word about this critical case. You can find graphics and sample posts for use on social media here.

Any country that solves this case nationally will be rewarded with peace, equality, and sustainable development.



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Share your idea for a national or global commitment or action that civil society, government, the private sector, or another justice partner could take to ensure equal access to Justice For All.