Mobilizing $100million for Justice Defenders

For over 3 years, the Justice For All has campaigned for increased financing for grassroots justice defenders. Individuals and organizations from countries across the world have come together to call on governments and foundations to step up to fund this vital work and to deliver SDG16. Today, a new fund was launched in direct response to those efforts. The Legal Empowerment Fund is a bold new initiative aimed at closing the global justice gap and providing urgently needed, long-term support to grassroots justice defenders and organizations. Over ten years, the Legal Empowerment Fund aims to raise $100 million to strengthen …

Results of the COVID-19 Justice Challenge

We asked grassroots justice defenders about the challenges they were facing during COVID-19, how they were adapting their work, and what support they would need to more effectively serve their communities. Over 90 groups from more than 30 countries took part. These are the results.

Nigeria: Inches closer to paralegal recognition

On October 7th – 8th 2019, the very first National Paralegal Summit was held in Abuja, Nigeria. This summit with the theme Justice For All was a product of the collaboration between the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria and the Isa Wali Empowerment Initiative. During this 2 day summit , paralegals used the platform to showcase their work , share their experiences and highlight their relevance to the justice system. Lessons learnt in Kenya and Sierra Leone on their respective paths to paralegal recognition provided a platform for self-reflection on Nigeria’s own journey and what the future holds for Nigerian …


If You Want Peace & Development, (Protect and Finance those who) Work for Social Justice!

In this article, Stacey Cram compels world leaders to take urgent action to #TipTheScales towards #JusticeForAll in on World Day of Social Justice 2019. “Today, on World Social Justice Day, lend your voice and call on world leaders to fund and protect grassroots justice defenders. Let’s follow the examples set by Mary, Hina, and Claudia and push for what is right – let’s be the movement that creates a new norm that ensures all people have equal access to justice.”